Integrating Prettify with Markdown Output

Michael Shepanski
July 28, 2010

In the past, I have gone great lengths to avoid including large amounts of Javascript on any webpages I built. In recent years, this has slowly shifted to a point where I am comfortable allowing my visitor's web browser handle some of the heavy lifting. I believe most of this credit should goto W3C and the standards they strongly push. Even IE has been getting better in the last year or two. I shouldn't even need to mention Chrome, anyone who has used that browser recently knows Chrome is really proving that Javascript isn't something to be overlooked.

Rolling My Own WYSIWYM Editor

Michael Shepanski
December 13, 2009

While trying to create a decent comment system for this blog I was faced with many choices. It seems everyone has a different idea of the best way to get this done. In the end I decided to go with a WYSIWYM editor. WYSIWYM stands for "What you see is what you mean." This was new to me since StackOverflow started using it. Basically, its not a full blown WYSIWYG editor, but much simpler, and fits my needs quite well.