Kickstarting a VPS Server on Ubuntu

Michael Shepanski
January 15, 2011

First, I would like to thank Brett Hoerner for providing the initial details for this setup on my old Slicehost server. Without his previous post I would be a little duck in the middle of the ocean. This walk through will cover the following setup:

  • Create a New User and Disable Root Login
  • Update and Install Common Packages
  • Setup Postfix for Email Forwarding
  • Install Basic Apache2 Configuration
  • Install Basic PHP5 Libraries
  • Install Basic Python Libraries
  • Install & Setup Postgresql
  • Create a better SSH Motd

Install psycopg2 in Virtualenv on Ubuntu

Michael Shepanski
January 13, 2011

It seems every time I setup a new machine I hit the same snag installing psycopg2 into a virtualenv via pip. It's not well documented online. After a bunch of failed searching with my Google foo I found a solution. In short, you can get around the issues using build-dep. Thanks Eliot!