This Django application provides management commands to help backup and restore your project database to AmazonS3, Dropbox or Local Disk.

  • Keep your important data secure and offsite.
  • Use Crontab or Celery to setup automated backups.
  • Great to keep your development database up to date.

Quick Start: Backup to AmazonS3

  1. Install django-dbbackup and the required simples3 dependancy:
    >> cd django-dbbackup
    >> python install
    >> pip install simples3
  2. Add 'dbbackup' to INSTALLED_APPS in your file.
  3. Include the required settings for Amazon S3.
    DBBACKUP_S3_BUCKET = '<amazon_bucket_name>'
    DBBACKUP_S3_ACCESS_KEY = '<amazon_access_key>'
    DBBACKUP_S3_SECRET_KEY = '<amazon_secret_key>'
  4. Now you're ready to use the managements commands below.

Management Commands


Backup your database to the specified storage. By default this will backup all databases specified in your file and will not delete any old backups. You can optionally specify a server name to be included in the backup filename.

dbbackup [-s <servername>] [-d <database>] [--clean]


Restore your database from the specified storage. By default this will lookup the latest backup and restore from that. You may optionally specify a servername if you you want to backup a database image that was created from a different server. You may also specify an explicit local file to backup from.

dbrestore [-d <database>] [-s <servername>] [-f <localfile>]